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Tranche 3 Typhoon goes on test

Tranche 3 Typhoon goes on test

Assembly of the first Tranche 3 Typhoon, destined for delivery to the Royal Air Force, has now been completed together with initial testing.

The aircraft, British single seat no 116, has now entered electromagnetic testing.

A range of Typhoon systems such as the armament, fuel and flight controls could be susceptible to radio frequency transmissions such as ground radars or TV and radio transmission masts. To ensure the aircraft will operate correctly and safely in flight when exposed to these threats, the aircraft is undergoing Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing through a technique known as Direct Current Injection. This means the aircraft is injected with simulated threat signals directly into specially designed points on the nose, tail and wing tips.

EMC testing will last around eight weeks, after which the aircraft will undergo avionics testing before progressing to engine ground runs.

Under the Tranche 3A contract signed in 2009, a total of 112 aircraft have been ordered for the four European partner nations of Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, with 40 aircraft bound for the Royal Air Force.

Deliveries of Tranche 3 Typhoons are expected to start later this year.

Source: BAE Systems News - 16 March 2013

Photo: The first Tranche 3 Typhoon Fighter Aircraft. (Photo by BAE Systems)



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