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U.S. Marines in Spain on alert to evacuate Americans from Libya

U.S. Marines in Spain on alert to evacuate Americans from Libya

Just moments ago, CNNís Barbara Starr reported that U.S. combat Marines in the South of Spain are now on alert for deployment into Libya to assist with evacuation of Americans.

A senior military official confirmed that although the Marines are still in Spain, they could be on the move soon if the U.S. government issues an evacuation order.

The 500 Marines are equipped with, among other combat equipment, six MV-22 Ospreys for rapid insert and evacuation.

The MV-22 (M designation a Marine aircraft) is a Boeing made aircraft that is literally half helicopter and half plane, whose design has been fraught with safety issues. The Army long-ago got out of research and development of the V-22.

The aircraft is fully combat-ready and due to the quick insertion ability of the craft, with full vertical take-off and landing capability, the Marines have used it extensively in Afghanistan.

Some embassy personnel have already been withdrawn, but reports say militants are blockading routes to the commercial airport.

Source: examiner.com News - 10 May 2013

Photo: The USMC MV-22 Osprey (Photo by MilitaryAircraft.de)



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