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Panama says found MiG-21 Fighter jets on seized North Korean ship

Panama says found MiG-21 Fighter jets on seized North Korean ship

Panama says it has uncovered two Russian-made MiG-21 fighter jets on board a North Korean cargo ship that it seized along with the crew at the Panama Canal.

President Ricardo Martinelli told reporters in the Atlantic port of Colon on Sunday that Panamanian authorities also found two missile radar systems on board Chong Chon Gang, which had set sail from Cuba.

“(We found) planes and surface-to-air missiles,” Martinelli said.

Prosecutors say officials are pushing charges against the crew of the North Korean vessel.

On July 15, Panama said it had discovered arms shipment on board the ship after seizing it and carrying out a drugs search. The country said the arms had been concealed under a sugar cargo.

Cuba said on July 16 that the stash of weapons found on board Chong Chon Gang were “obsolete” Soviet-era missiles and parts, which were being sent to North Korea for refurbishment.

Panamanian government officials said a five-member team of UN experts will arrive in Panama on August 5 to inspect the ship and determine the legality of the cargo.

Source: Iran Press TV, DB/HSN News - 21 July 2013

Photo: A Panamanian forensic worker carries out investigations in a container holding a MiG-21 fighter jet seized from the North Korean-flagged ship Chong Chon Gang at the Manzanillo Container Terminal in Colon city July 21, 2013. (Photo by Reuters/Carlos Jasso)



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