Another C-17 To Join Royal Air Force Fleet

Another C-17 To Join Royal Air Force Fleet

The Royal Air Force is set to get an additional C-17 airlifter, to add to the seven it already operates, the U.K. Ministry of Defence has announced.

The aircraft, which will cost 200 million pounds ($316.6 million), is due to come off the production line next month and is expected to enter service in July, according to an MoD statement.

Purchase of the airlifter will help support the airbridge between the U.K. and British forces and equipment already starting to withdraw from Afghanistan.

At one point late last year, the British were considering acquiring two more C-17s, and leasing was under review.

The British have been acquiring their C-17 fleet piecemeal for more than a decade. The last aircraft entered service in late 2010.

The first four of the aircraft, originally acquired on a lease, are due to be gradually returned to the Boeing factory for maintenance and upgrade.

Source: By ANDREW CHUTER, LONDON, 08 February 2012 - Gannett Government Media / DefenceNews (www.defensenews.com)

The RAF C17A Globemaster III at the 2010 RAF Waddington airshow. (Photo by http://darrensfreewallpapers.com)



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