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C-130AMP aircraft delivered to USAF

C-130AMP aircraft delivered to USAF

Boeing has announced that, along with the US Air Force's Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, it has delivered the second C-130 Avionics Modernization Programme (AMP) aircraft modified by Warner Robins.

This is the fifth aircraft to be delivered to Little Rock Air Force Base, with the first three modified by Boeing. The company made the announcement 19 July 2012.

The Boeing C-130 AMP contract with the air force is currently in the Low Rate Initial Production phase. Multiple enhancements on the C-130 AMP are designed to reduce total ownership cost. Upgrading the electrical power system, replacing analogue gauges with an integrated glass cockpit, and new wiring will greatly reduce the number of hours maintainers spend repairing old parts and increase the aircraft's mission-readiness rate, the company said.

According to Boeing, another programme improvement is the switch to digital technical publications, which are easier to update, reduce weight on the aircraft and save paper. The integration of the cockpit reduces flight crew workload by allowing the aircraft to be operated without a navigator, ‘saving the US Air Force about $1 billion over the entire fleet’.

Source: Shephard News Team - 23 July 2012

Photo: The U.S. Air Force Boeing C-130 AMP Aircraft. Work has begun on the first C-130 aircraft to enter into the Avionics Modernization Program at Robinsphoto by (Photo by . U. S. Air Force http://www.robins.af.mil)



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