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Ka-32A11BC demonstrates its Aerial Firefighting capabilities at Conference in France

Ka-32A11BC demonstrates its Aerial Firefighting capabilities at Conference in France

As part of the Global Helicopter Firefighting Initiative (GHFI), Russian Helicopters (a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of the State Corporation Rostec) is a sponsor of the Aerial Firefighting Conference now underway in France (April 10-11).

Fighting wildfires is a very critical issue in a number of European countries during the summer months. The Aerial Firefighting Conference is being held for the tenth time and it attracts industry specialists and developers of firefighting equipment for aerial quenching extinguishing fr om practically all corners of the world.

Russian Helicopters is paying considerable attention to the development of helicopter models for fighting fires and has already achieved noteworthy success: the Ka-32A11BC has been recognized worldwide as one of the most successful firefighting machines. Its coaxial rotor system allows the Ka-32A11BC to perform precise manoeuvres in both cramped cityscapes and mountainous terrain and provides the helicopter with a high level of stability when hovering or flying in unstable atmospheric conditions. This design also allows the helicopter to use unequipped land sites of lim ited dimensions.

A special demonstration of the capabilities of the Ka-32A11BC is planned for participants of the conference. The helicopter belongs to the Spanish operator INAER, which specializes in emergency aid, firefighting and disaster response.

The firefighting version of the Ka-32A11BC is capable of extinguishing fires via a Bambi Bucket or water cannon. The Ka-32A11BC complies with AP-29 airworthiness requirements and was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in 2009. The helicopter is also certified in Canada, China, India, Brazil and a number of other countries. In December 2012 the helicopter received a certificate of airworthiness from Australia.

In 2013 the Ka-32A11BC was selected as the symbol of the Global Firefighting Initiative, which is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the use of specialized firefighting helicopters. Russian Helicopters announced the launch of this program at the Avalon 2013 show in Australia in February. All enterprises engaged in the production of firefighting systems and firefighting equipment for helicopters and associated innovative technologies for improving helicopter firefighting systems are invited to participate in GHFI.

Source: Aix-en-Provence, France, Russian Helicopters Aero News - 11 April 2013

Photo: The Spanish operator INAER Ka-32A11BC Aerial Firefighting Helicopter (Photo by Files)



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