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Czech Republic upgrades SA-6 with Aspide 2000 missiles

Czech Republic upgrades SA-6 with Aspide 2000 missiles

The Czech Retia company seated in Pardubice has developed a new missile guidance system solving the replacement of the original Soviet-made missiles for the 2K12 KUB anti-aircraft missile complex, Petr Tichy, from Retia, has told reporters.

The company presented results of its research commissioned by the Defence Ministry on Tuesday.

The Apside Italian missile has been selected as the most suitable replacement of the 3M9M3 Soviet-made missile. The control system had to be completely changed for its integration.

"Only the skeleton has remained from the original Russian equipment, the interior is brand-new," Tichy said.

The research was launched in 2009 with the aim to find a new missile and the optimal extent of the system's adjustments to preserve and improve the functions of the anti-aircraft missile complex and prolong its lifespan.

The MBDA supranational company producing Apside missiles has cooperated with Retia on the project.

MDBA makes arms for most NATO countries' militaries, the daily Pravo reports today. It says the Retia-made missile guidance system should be interesting mainly for the post-communist NATO countries, former members of the Warsaw Pact, that still have the Soviet missiles in their arsenals.

The militaries of various countries use some 1000 original Russian missile complexes.

Retia would like to participate in their upgrading.

The Tuesday presentation was attended by military representatives of Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia.

The innovated system will have to be tested thoroughly before it can be used in practice.

The Czech military has four batteries of the 2K12 KUB original complexes, each consisting of one radar and four launch systems, said General Bohuslav Dvorak, the Czech Defence Ministry's section head.

Brand-new systems would cost 15 million crowns, while the upgrading on the basis of the Retia firm's research costs up to three million crowns, Dvorak said.

Source: 09 March 2012 - DAILY AIR FORCE NEWS

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