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Whitfield Opposes Scheduled Shipment of F-16 Fighter Planes to Egypt

Whitfield Opposes Scheduled Shipment of F-16 Fighter Planes to Egypt

Congressman Ed Whitfield and several colleagues in the House of Representatives will send a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, expressing opposition to the shipment of F-16 fighter aircraft and other military aid to Egypt.

“In the three years it has taken for the procurement of these aircraft, Egypt has undergone significant changes in their government, including a revolution and the installment of a new leader, Mohamed Morsi, a former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. Given this substantial change in circumstances, we strongly believe reconsideration of previously-allocated military assistance to this nation is critical.

Recent and previous statements by President Morsi indicate a clear hostility towards non-Muslims in Egypt as well as towards the United States and her allies—particularly Israel. Specifically, multiple recent reports of President Morsi’s anti-Semitic and anti-American comments, and of increased religious persecution and civil rights violations perpetrated by his government, are cause for great concern.

The instability of the region is also evident from this weekend’s anti-government protests that resulted in at least 50 deaths and hundreds of injuries. We are also concerned with news of President Morsi granting emergency powers to the Egyptian military to arrest Egyptian civilians and serve as a police force in the country. Thus, the United States should be extremely cautious in providing any financial support to Egypt—to say nothing of military weaponry.”

Source: KENTUCKY ( News - 31 January 2013

Photo: The Egypt Air Force F-16 Fighter Aircrafts (Photo by EAF)


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