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IAI presents latest cyber intelligence and communications solutions

IAI presents latest cyber intelligence and communications solutions

Israel Aerospace Industries has been intensively operating in the cyber arena on defense and intelligence gathering.

Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) (TASE: ARSP.B1) is presenting its comprehensive cyber capabilities at the first International C5I (Command and Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber and Intelligence) Conference and Exhibition in Israel this week (May 20 to 23).

IAI has been intensively operating in the cyber arena on defense, intelligence gathering and more, offering a variety of unique assets provide customers with protection against cyber threats.

The leading C5I products being presented by IAI include:

MI-NET System (Multi-Service Integrated Network-based Exercise & Training), which provides effective multi-level, joint training that combines live, virtual and constructive capabilities.

TAC4G is an innovative broadband secure cellular network based on 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) cellular standards. This multi-purpose solution is designed to answer the advanced military and security forces' communication needs. IAI is presenting both Smartphone and an independent portable base station (via vehicle or a soldier).

The TAME cyber defense suite includes four components: TAME Range: real/simulated cyber attack trainer, TAME Guard: early warning cyber attack detection (including APTs- advanced persistent threats), TAME Center: command and control center that supplies cyber situational picture, TAME Response: cyber research lab that includes dynamic investigation, recovery, analysis and diagnostic tools.

IAI is also displaying a cyber intelligence suite that provides strategic and backbone probing, mass production and pinpoint targeting, and generic off-the-air long-range wireless interceptors, which cover the cyberspace and the telecom domains. IAI solutions address the challenges of modern communications, such as social network services, by handling mass of data and overcoming encryption and anonymity.

Source: Published by Globes / Israel business news – - 20 May 2013

Photo: The Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) presents latest cyber intelligence and communications solutions (Photo by

i-HLS " Big Brother" is seeing everything but now also tells what to do?

The MLM division of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a Command, Control and Communication system that is fusing sensors used in Homeland Security but also offers the best way to handle emergencies.

This unique Command, Control and Communications Centers (MC4) capabilities, in the regional and National level, will be unveiled at the LAAD Exhibition in Brazil next week.

The MC4 systems integrate IAI’s large-scale command and control capabilities as well as intelligence processing systems.

MC4 implements communications monitoring and localization, with all-weather surveillance by radar and electro-optical means employed on the ground and in the air. This unique system provides law enforcement agencies a proactive, rapid response capability.

After the system detects a security incident, it immediately offers the security forces advice on what to do – it will immediately notify the hospitals in the area , it will call in the police force and it will do all this with a geo reference capability to give the incident commander a reference to all the forces in the area.

Such a system has been already installed in Brazil and according to a source was tested in real conditions.

The system is a total solution in “safe city” programs and in any other place involving big crowds and a potential for emergencies.(


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