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Yak-130 combat-trainer aircraft delivered to Russian Air Force

Yak-130 combat-trainer aircraft delivered to Russian Air Force

The first serial combat-trainer aircraft Yak-130 transferred to Air Force of Russia arrived to the 4th Center of combat application and retraining of the flight personnel named after V.P.Chkalov in mid-Feb.

The Commander-in-chief of the Russian Federation Air Force the colonel general Alexander Zelin said: "It is the first Yak-130 from those planned on this year. The plane opens new opportunities for effective trainings of the Air Force cadets. This combat-training complex will allow the young pilots to adapt faster to operate Russian Air Force fighters".

The new generation aircraft Yak-130 is developed by Yakovlev Design Bureau, part of the Irkut Corporation.

President of Irkut Corporation, General Director of Yakovlev Design Bureau Oleg Demchenko said: "Yak-130 - the first plane completely designed and built during the Post-Soviet period. We have successfully finished the designing and tests of this plane, but also have set up a basis for its mass serial production. Deliveries of Yak-130 to the military forces will allow pilots substantially improve their trainings on the threshold of adoption of the new generation aircrafts".

Yak-130 was chosen for basic and advanced combat trainings of Russian Air Force pilots. First four aircrafts for the Russian Air Force are already built.

In November, 2007 "Preliminary resolution on the state joint tests of a sample combat-trainer aircraft Yak-130" has been confirmed. This document has opened the road for producing the first part of serial aircrafts.

In April 2009 Yak-130 passed the first stage of state joint tests with basic armament configuration. The tests with the enlarged armament configuration were completed in 2009.

The aircraft is intended as for combat trainings of the air staff so as for combat use on earth and land targets in normal and severe weather conditions. Nine external mount units allow the aircraft to carry up to 3000 kg of payload.

Advanced aerodynamics, new generation inboard avionics equipment, state of art newest power plant and aircraft systems provide:

• effective training of air staff and combat missions;

• high level of operating safety;

• low cost of flight hour and life cycle.

Aircraft performance characteristics and maneuverability of Yak-130 are similar to the modern fighters on subsonic speed of flight. The plane will allow pilots to reach advanced training level for Russian and foreign warplanes of generation "4+" and "5".

Yak-130 is the basic component of the training complex of Russian Air Force including integrated system of the objective control, educational computer classes, aerobatic and specialized training simulator.

Irkut concluded the contract with Algeria on delivery of Yak-130 in 2006 and carrying out its contractual obligations. In January 2010 Air Force of Libya has ordered a number of Yak-130 aircrafts. Pre-contract negotiations are carried on for the delivery of Yak-130 to a number of countries. / Irkut Corp.

Publication: SKRIN Market & Corporate News - 11 March 2010

Archive News :
Libya and Vietnam to Buy Su-35, Su-30MK2, Yak-130 and Su-300PMU2 15 February 2010

Moscow has kicked off its 2010 arms sales campaign by finalizing deals with Libya and Vietnam to buy advanced hardware. Tripoli signed a $1.8-billion purchase agreement that includes acquisition of six YAK-130 advanced jet trainers for delivery in 2011-12, in addition to tanks. Libya has also expressed interest in acquiring 12 Su-35s, the latest Sukhoi fighter in production; four Su-30MK2s, as well as the advanced S-300PMU2 air-defense system. Vietnam's weapons package, valued at around $1 billion, includes 12 Su-30MK2s for delivery starting next year.


Russia to sell $1.8 bln in arms to Libya

30 January 2010 - RIA Novosti

NOVO-OGARYOVO (Moscow Region) - Libya will buy 1.3-billion-euro ($1.8 billion) worth of arms from Russia under a new contract, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Saturday.

"It's not only for small arms and light weapons," he said.

He added that the contract was signed on Friday.

Russian media reports previously said $2 billion contracts for the delivery of Russian fighter jets and air-defense systems to Libya would be signed during the January 26-27 visit to Moscow by the country's defense minister, Maj. Gen. Younis Jaber.

Russia's state arms exporter Rosoboronexport earlier said Russia had five ongoing military contracts with Libya, including "military equipment for its ground forces and the navy, the modernization of T-72 tanks and spare parts supplies."

Other media reports said Russia was looking to sell up to 15 Su fighters and Yak-130 trainer planes to Libya.


Libya in Talks with Russia Over Billion-Dollar Arms Deal
20 October 2009 - PRAVDA
Libya plans to purchase over 20 warplanes from Russia. Moscow and Tripoli are currently in talks about the package of contracts, Interfax reports.

The documents can be signed at the end of 2009 or in the beginning of 2010. The deal is evaluated at $1 billion.

“Libya plans to purchase 12 or 15 Su-35 multipurpose jets, four Su-30 and six Yak-130 trainer aircraft,” a source told the news agency.

“Technically, many contracts have been elaborated well, and are ready to be signed. We only need to regulate financial issues,” the source said.

Russia’s defense export giant, Rosoboronexport, participated in the Arab-African Lavex-2009 air show, which took place in Libya in the beginning of October. Official spokespeople for the company said that potential customers were showing interest in the Su-35 multipurpose fighter jet, which was created with the use of fifth-generation technologies. Foreign specialists also paid attention to the Yak-130 training aircraft, as well as state-of-the-art MiG-35 jets and Ka-52A Alligator combat helicopters.

Russia and Libya have already signed five agreements in the field of defense cooperation. The contracts particularly touch upon the military hardware for land troops and navy.

Two year ago, Libya was in talks with France about a 6-billion-dollar arms deal to purchase Rafale fighter jets, as well as combat and cargo helicopters.

Source: PRAVDA / RIA Novosti / SKRIN Market & Corporate News / - 30 January 2010

Photograph by: The Newest Trainer in Russian Air Force Yak-130 (


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