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Army (Land Forces) 21.600 Personnel. Land Reserve Organisations 24,000 Canadian Rangers 5,000 Reservists. 4,900 civilian employees who support the Army  




Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

(incl Army Air Defence Units)


AIRCRAFT No combat capable. Total 2 Training Aircrafts.


Training 2 Trg ac:

2 Grob G-120A-C Trainer aircraft (2011 delivered from Germany; Owned and operated by civilian company for Canadian armed forces; version)




Reconnaissance Tactical UAV: Heron; Skylark

Micro UAV 2 Draganflyer X8 (On Order)           





Army Aviation and Air Defence Systems

AD SAM • SP 33 ADATS Launcher (800 ADATS LOS-FH SAM Missiles (1988-1993 delivered))


36 ADATS Mobile SAM system (1988-1993 delivered. Part of $217 m 'LLAD programme' (offsets incl production of components, assembly and mounting on M-113 APC in Canada); originally for use with Canadian forces in Europa)



100 Starburst Portable SAM (1992 delivered)




 Canadian Amy Aviation Main Headquarters: National Defence Headquarters in Ottawa.

 Canadian Amy Aviation Airfields and Airbases Organisation (Current Order of Battle):


Organisations by Service Notes:

Army (Land Forces) 26,500 Personnel.

Forces by Role (Current order of battle):

1 Task Force HQ Comd 1 TF HQ; 3 bde gp HQ and sig sqn to form national or cadre of a multi-national TF HQ or a Land Component Command (LCC) of a joint operation

Mech Inf 1 (Canadian Mechanised) bde gp (1st CMBG) with 1 armd regt, (two Leopard 1C2 sqns and;1 armd recce sqn), 2 mech inf bn, 1 lt inf bn, 1 arty regt, 1 cbt engr regt; 2 bde gp (2nd CMBG and 5th CMBG) each with 1 armd recce regt , 2 mech inf bn, 1 lt inf bn, 1 arty regt, 1 cbt engr regt, AD 1 indep regt, Spt/Engr 1 indep regt, Cbt Spt 3 MP pl, 3 MI coy, Logistic 3 svc bn, Med 3 fd amb bn,

Inventory Equipment by Type Notes:

MBT 215: 40 Leopard 2A6M on lease; 66 Leopard 1C2; 95 Leopard 2 A4; Switzerland Transfers 12 Leopard 2s to Canada

RECCE 201 LAV-25 Coyote

APC 1,142  APC (T) 332: 64 Bv-206; 235 M-113; 33 M-577 APC (W) 810: 635 LAV-III Kodiak (incl 33 RWS); 175 MILLAV Bison (incl 10 EW, 32 amb, 32 repair, 64 recovery) MRAP 78: 68 RG-31 Nyala; 5 Cougar; 5 Buffalo

ARTY 295: TOWED 171 105mm 153: 27 C2 (M-101); 98 C3 (M-101); 28 LG1 MK II; 155mm 18 M-777 MOR 81mm 100 SP 81mm 24 Bison

AT MSL 493: SP 33 LAV-TOW MANPATS 460: 425 Eryx; 35 TOW-2A/ITAS RCL 84mm 1,075 Carl Gustav; M2/M3 RL 66mm M-72 LAW

Ordered: Armoured engineering vehicle 13 Leopard 2 based AEV (2014–2017); Armoured recovery vehicle 2 Leopard 2-based ARV; Tactical mobility equipment 29 Mine plows/Mine rollers/Dozer blades; Infantry fighting vehicle 550 General Dynamics Canada LAV III Upgrade Program (2011–2019) Canada: Long-Range Precision Rocket System (LRPRS): 17 Multiple rocket launcher (2014–2018); Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle 500 Textron Systems Canada Inc., Armoured Personnel Carrier Rheinmetall (2014–2016): Snowmobile ? TBD Stealth Snowmobile: Integrated Soldier System 17,000 Network-centric warfare (2010 -201?)


Land Reserve Organisations 24,000 Canadian Rangers 5,000 Reservists

The Canadian Rangers are a Reserve sub-component of the Canadian Forces, which provide a limited military presence in Canada’s northern, coastal and isolated areas. It is a volunteer, part-time force.

Ranger 5 (patrol) gp (170 patrols)

Army 10 (bde gp) HQ:51 infantry battalions,19 logistic units,18 armoured units,17 artillery units,12 engineer units,10 signals regiments,4 military police units,4 intelligence units

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Canada AF

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