Kuwait   Kuwait Air Force • Al-Quwwat Al-Jawwiya Al-Kuwaitiya (AQJK) • القوات الجوية الكويتية
State of Kuwait (Dawlat al-Kuwayt دولة الكويت )

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Kuwaiti Land Forces (KLF), Kuwaiti Navy, Kuwaiti Air Force (Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya), Kuwaiti National Guard (KNG). Active 15,500 Personnel (Army 11,000 Navy 2,000 Air 2,500) Paramilitary 7,100 (Terms of service voluntary). Reserve 23,700 Personnel (Joint 23,700) Terms of service obligation to age 40; 1 month annual trg

Al-Quwwat Al-Jawwiya Al-Kuwaitiya (AQJK) • القوات الجوية الكويتية
Air Force 2,500 personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type
Flying hours 210 hrs/year

• AIRCRAFT 58 combat capable. Total 73 Aircrafts.

Multi-role Strike Fighter 2 sqn with 39 Multi-role ac:
31 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet;
8 McDonnell Douglas F/A-18D Hornet

Combat Counter Terrorism & Training
1 sqn with 19 CCT ac:
11 BAe Systems Hawk MK.64*;
8 Embraer EMB-312 / Shorts Tucano T.MK52*:

Tanker & Transport
3 Tkr/Tpt ac:
3 Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules ($245 m deal (part of $1.1 b deal incl support; delivery 2013-2014)

Transport 1 sqn with 4 Tpt Ac:
1 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III (Ordered);
1 Ilyushin IL-76MF Candid-B (Ordered);
3 Lockheed L-100-30;
1 McDonnell Douglas DC-9;

VIP Transport Flight 1 sqn with 11 VIP Tpt Ac:
1 Airbus A300C4-620;
1 Airbus A310-308;
1 Airbus A319-115X;
1 Airbus A320-212;
1 Airbus A340-542
1 Boeing 737-9BQER;
1 Boeing 747-469;
3 Grumman Gulfstream G-V;
1 Grumman Gulfstream G550;
Sikorsky S-92A**

HELICOPTER 30 armed capable. Total 39 Helicopters.

Anti-Armour Attack 1 sqn with 12 Atk hel:
12 Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow

 2 sqn with 13 Aslt Trg hel:
13 Aérospatiale SA
Assault & Training-342K Gazelle* each with HOT tactical ASM

Transport / Search and Rescue & Anti-Armour Attack 5 Tpt/SAR/Atk hel:
5 Aérospatiale AS-332M Super Puma;

Support 9 Spt hel:
5 Aérospatiale SA-330H Puma;
3 Sikorsky S-92A (+3 on order)**;   
1 Agusta Bell AB-205 Huey

* = Trainer Aircraft
** = Government (VIP Transport) Air Wing


  Anti-surface missile 300 AGM-65G Maverick (for F/A-18C);
  Anti-ship missile 8 AM-39 Exocet; 21 AGM-84A Harpoon; 40 RGM-84D Harpoon (for F/A-18)
  Anti-tank missile 320 HOT-2; 188 AGM-114K3 Hellfire (for AH-64D); 96 AGM-114L3 Hellfire (for AH-64D); 300 AGM-114R3 Hellfire (ordered for AH-64D);

120 AIM-120C-7 AMRAAM (For F/A-18C); 200 AIM-7F Sparrow (For F/A-18C);
  SRAAM 120 AIM-9L/M Sidewinder (for F/A-18C); Magic 1; (Ordered: 80 AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Block II All-Up-Round Missiles, 26 CATM-9X-2 Captive Air Training Missiles, 2 CATM-9X-2 Block II Missile Guidance Units, 8 AIM-9X-2 Block II Tactical Guidance Units, 2 Dummy Air Training Missiles)

Air Defence Systems
AD •
1 comd AD bty,

SAM 60+
6 SAM bty with 40 Patriot PAC-2 (210 MIM-104 PAC-2 Msls);
5 SAM bty with 24 MIM-23B I HAWK Phase III;
6 SAM bty with 12 Skyguard/Aspide SAM systems (Amoun AD bty; 320 Aspide Msls); 175 Aspide-2000 (Part of $65 m deal; modernization of Kuwaiti Aspide to Aspide-2000 (2008-2010))
MANPAD 48 Portable SAM:
48 Starburst; Stinger


35mm 12+ GDF-005 Oerlikon

  Kuwait Air Force Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Kuwait IAP (OKBK)    
  Kuwait Air Force/al-Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Kuwaitiya Airfields and Air Bases
  (Current Order of Battle):

Abdulla AlMubarak Air Base HQ
41st Transport Squadron: L-100-300

Ahmed al Jaber (OKAJ) Air Base
9th Fighter & Attack Squadron: F/A-18C, F/A-18D    
25th Fighter & Attack Squadron: F/A-18C, F/A-18D    

Ali al Salem (OKAS) Air Base
Flying School

12th Training Squadron: Hawk Mk64
19th Traning Squadron: Tucano Mk.52
Army's light aviation school (EA-ALAT) 28 helicopters
88th Training Squadron: SA-342K Gazelle
Search and Rescue Wing    
62nd Utility Squadron: SA330H
32nd Helicopter Squadron: AS332B, AS332M
Attack Helicopter Wing        
17th Attack Squadron: AH-64D
20th "The Dark Knights" Attack Squadron: AH-64D    
33rd Helicopter Squadron: SA342K    

Kuwaiti Government Aviation Air Wing
Kuwait IAP (OKBK) Airbase
VIP Transport Flight: A300C4-620, A310-308, A319-115X, A320-212, A340-542, B737-9BQER, B747-469, G-V, G550, S-92 ,   

Note: Kuwait has 4 airports with paved runways (over 3,047 m: 1 2,438 to 3,047 m: 2 1,524 to 2,437 m: 1) and 3 airports with unpaved runways (1,524 to 2,437 m: 1 under 914 m: 2) and 4 heliports

Kuwait AF

   Kuwait AF News:

First flight of ‘most advanced variant of Kuwaiti Eurofighter’ takes place

• First flight of ‘most advanced variant of Kuwaiti Eurofighter’ takes place  (26.12.2019)

Typhoons in the Desert: Kuwait Purchases 28 Eurofighter Jets

• Typhoons in the Desert: Kuwait Purchases 28 Eurofighter Jets  (24.06.2017)

Finmeccanica signs a contract to supply 28 Eurofighter Typhoon to Kuwait

• Finmeccanica signs a contract to supply 28 Eurofighter Typhoon to Kuwait  (5.04.2016)

• ITW Military GSE to Supply GPUs, PCAs to Kuwait Air Force  (8.12.2012)

• Kuwait Seeks Follow-On Logistics and Technical Support for AH-64D Fleet  (14.07.2012)

• Kuwait Considers Buying AGM-114R3 Hellfire Missiles Worth $49 Million  (29.06.2012)

• Kuwait Extends DCI Helicopter Maintenance Deal

• DynCorp Wins $25.4M Kuwait Air Force Apache Support Contract

• Kuwait to Buy AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Missiles

• Kuwait to Buy AIM-9X-2 Sidewinder Missiles

• Technical, Logistics Support for Kuwaiti F/A-18 Hornets


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