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Joint Force Command (includes Land, Naval, and Aviation Brigade Commands), Joint Support Command (includes Logistic Command), Training and Doctrine Command

• Forcat Ushtarake Ajore Shqipetare (FUAS)
Air Element
  Pilots and other aircraft crew aim to fly at least 10–15 hrs/ year.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type
Includes Air Defence Systems

• AIRCRAFT No combat capable. Total 27 Aircrafts.

Liaison and communications & Transport 1 sqn with 12 Tpt ac:
12 Shijiazhuang/Harbin Y-5B (Antonov An-2 Colt) (4 remain in active service, 8 in storage)

Advanced Flying Training 1 sqns with 7 Trg ac:
7 Shenyang FT-5 (6 remain in service with one in storage)

Basic Flying Training 1 sqn with 8 Trg ac:
8 Nanchang CJ-6A

• HELICOPTER No armed capable. Total 29 Helicopters.

1 sqn with 7 Recce Hel:
7 Agusta Bell AB-206C-1 Jet Ranger;

Utility &Transport
2 sqn with 22 Utl/Tpt ac:
5 Eurocopter AS-532AL Cougar (Delivery in 2012)
1 Mil Mi-8T Hip-C;
3 Agusta Bell AB-205A-1 Iroquois (UH-1H Huey);
1 Agusta A-109C Hirundo (VIP);
6 MBB Bo-105M;
3 MBB Bo-105E-4 (being modernized)
3 Harbin Z-5 (Mi-4 remain in reserve)

Army Air Defence Systems
AD •
SAM HQ-2, HN-5, Stinger
AD GUNS 125 incl
37mm: M-1939;
57mm: S-60, M-1939

Albanian Air Force Main Headquarters: The HQ is located in Tirana and it operates two airbases, Kuēova Air Base and Tirana Air Base.

Albanian AF Airfields and Airbases Organisation (Current Order of Battle): The Air Brigade, under JFC command, is organised in one Helicopter Base (Farka) and two Reserve Air Bases (Gjadėr & Kucova), an Active Air Base (Rinas), Air Defense Battalion (Marikaj), Air Surveillance Operation Centre (ASOC - Rinas), Aircraft Maintenance Centre (Kucove) and Meteorological Service Centre (Laprak).

Tirana - Komanda e Forcave Ajrore

3360 Aviation Regiment  (Detashmenti Ajror)
Rinas Tiranė - Y-5B 

4030 Training Regiment  Albanian Air Force Academy (Akademia e Forcave Ajrore / Shkolla e Trupes)
Vlorė Kuēovė 1st Squadron (1 Skuadrilja) - CJ-6A
Vlorė Kuēovė 2nd Squadron (2 Skuadrilja) - CJ-6A, FT-5 (storage)
3340 Helicopter Regiment (Regjimenti i Helikopterėve / Transportit Ajror)
Farka Tiranė 3rd Squadron (3 Skuadrilja) - AB-205A-1
Farka Tiranė 7th Squadron (7 Skuadrilja) - AB-206C-1
Farka Tiranė ?th Squadron (? Skuadrilja) - Mi-8T, A-109C, MBB Bo-105M/E-4,

Gjader Reserve Air Base
Korce Reserve Air Base

Marikaj Antiaircraft Defence Force (Brigada e Mbrojtjes Ajrore) - HQ-2, HN-5, Stinger, M-1939   
Tirana Radar guidance (Qendra Operacionale te Sovranitetit Ajror)   
Vaqar Logistic Battalion and the Air Force (Batalioni Logjistik the Forcave Ajrore)
Rinas Tech. Support Services (Qendra e Riparimit te Avioneve)   
Laprak The Meteorological Service (Qendra e Shėrbimi Meteologjik)   
Tirana Telecommunications (Kompania e Nderlidhjes) 

Note: Albania has four airports with paved runways (2,438 to 3,047 m:3 1,524 to 2,437 m:1), one airport with unpaved runways (914 to 1,523 m:1), and one heliport

Storage or Retired Flying Air Wing:

4010  Regiment

Lezha Zadrima 1st Squadron (1 Skuadrilja) - Chengdu J-7A, Shenyang J-5
Lezha Zadrima 2nd Squadron (2 Skuadrilja) - Shenyang J-6C
Lezha Zadrima 3rd Squadron (3 Skuadrilja) - Shenyang J-6C

4020 Regiment

Tiranė Rinas 1st Squadron (1 Skuadrilja) - Shenyang J-6C, MiG-15bis, Il-14
Tiranė Rinas 2nd Squadron (2 Skuadrilja) - Shenyang J-6C, MiG-15bis, Il-14

4030 Training Regiment
  Albanian Air Force Academy (Akademia e Forcave Ajrore / Shkolla e Trupes)
Berat Kuēovė 3rd Squadron (3 Skuadrilja) - F-2/FT-2,MiG-15bis/MiG-15UTI

4040 Regiment

Tiranė Farka 1st Squadron (1 Skuadrilja) - Mil Mi-4, Z-5
Tiranė Farka 2nd Squadron (2 Skuadrilja) - Z-5
Tiranė Farka 3rd Squadron (3 Skuadrilja) - Z-5

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FB Heliservices to provide helicopter flight training to Albanian MoD

• FB Heliservices to provide helicopter flight training to Albanian MoD  (31.7.2012)


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