Lebanon   Lebanese Air Force • Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Lubnania (AQJL) • القوات الجوية اللبنانية‎
Lebanese Republic (Al Jumhuriyah al Lubnaniyah (Lubnan) اَلْجُمْهُورِيَّة اَللُّبْنَانِيَّة )

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Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF): Army ((Al Jaysh al Lubnaniya) includes Navy (Al Quwwat al Bahiriyya al Lubnaniya), Air Force (Al Quwwat al Jawwiya al Lubnaniya))

LEBANESE AIR FORCE • Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-Lubnania (AQJL)القوات الجوية اللبنانية‎
Air Force 1,000 personnel. 3 air bases

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

16 combat capable. Total 20 Aircrafts.

Fighter Ground Attack 1 sqn with 8 FGA ac (4 Hunter - refurbished and serviceable):
4 Hawker Siddeley Hawker Hunter FGA Mk.70A;
1 Hawker Siddeley Hawker Hunter Mk.9;
2 Hawker Siddeley Hawker Hunter Mk.66;
1 Hawker Siddeley Hawker Hunter T.66C;

Light Ground Attack
1 sqn with 8 Lt LGA ac (4 CM 170-2 - refurbished and storage):
4 Cessna AC-208B Combat Caravan (light attack/Close air support/Border surveillance; Second-hand; probably modified to Cessna-208B (AC-208) armed version before delivery);
4 Aérospatiale / Fouga CM 170-2 Super Magister (refurbished)

VIP Transport 1 VIP Tpt ac:
1 Dassault-Breguet Falcon 20F

Basic Flying Training sqn with 3 Bsc Trg ac:
3 Scottish Aviation SAL Bulldog Mk.126 (could be refurbished);

HELICOPTER 33 combat capable. Total 73 Helicopters.

Anti-Armour Attack
1 sqn with 14 Atk hel:
6 Mil Mi-24 Hind (being delivered)
8 Aérospatiale SA-342L Gazelle (plus 5 grounded – could be refurbished; Naval patrol/Battlefield scout/Anti-tank)

Utility/Bomber & Attack 3 sqn with 19 Utl/Bbr/Atk hel:
7 Bell UH-1H Huey;
11 Agusta Bell AB-205 Iroquois (unserviceable);

Utility 1 sqn with 7 Utl Tpt hel:
7 Bell 212 unserviceable (6 could be refurbished);

VIP Transport 1 sqn with 1 VIP Tpt hel:
1 Agusta Westland AW-139 (Executive VIP);

Firefighting & Rescue 1 sqn with 3 SAR hel:
3 Sikorsky S-61N Mk.II (On behalf of the Ministry of Interior.)

Utility &Transport 2 sqn with 24 Utl Tpt hel:
5 IAR 330SM /Aérospatiale SA-330 Puma all grounded (3 could be refurbished)
10 Aérospatiale SA-330 Puma (Ex-UAE; aid):
5 Aérospatiale SA-316 Alouette III unserviceable (3 could be refurbished);
1 Aérospatiale SA-318 Alouette II unserviceable (could be refurbished);

Rotary Flying Training 1 Basic trg sqn with 4 Bsc Trg hel;
4 Robinson R-44 Raven II;

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
• UAV • Reconnaissance 1 sqn with 12 Recce UAV:
12 RQ-11B Raven

  ASM Hellfire 

  Lebanon Air Force Main Headquarters: Beirut Air Base HQ

  Three Airfields and Air Bases Organization:
  Beirut/Intl; Rayak; Kleyate/Rene Mouawad

Beirut Air Base (OLBA)
4. Light Attack Squadron: Ce-208B, CM 170-2   
8. Anti-Armour Attack Squadron: SA342L    
9. Utility &Transport Squadron: IAR330SM, SA-330, Alouette III/II
10. Utility/Bomber & Attack Squadron: UH-1H    
11. Utility/Bomber & Attack  Squadron: UH-1H    
16. Firefighting & RescueSquadron: S-61N    
Presidential Flight: AW139 (VIP)

Rayak Air Base (OLRA)
2. FGA Squadron: Hawker Hunter Mk70A, Mk.9, Mk.66C, T.66C;    
12 Utility/Bomber & Attack Squadron: UH-1H on loan from Beirut   
15 Rotary Flying Training Squadron: R44 Raven II    
Basic Training Squadron: Bulldog 126

Koleyate Air Base (OLKA)
14. Utility Squadron: UH-1H, Bell 212 on loan from Beirut

Note: Lebanon has 5 airports with paved runways (over 3,047 m: 1 2,438 to 3,047 m: 2 914 to 1,523 m: 1 under 914 m: 1) and 2 airports with unpaved runways (914 to 1,523 m: 2)

Official website:

Lebanese Hawker Hunter FGA-70A
Lebanese Hawker Hunter T66C
Lebanese Fouga CM-170-2 Super-Magister
Lebanese SAL Bulldog Mk.126
Lebanese SA-342K Gazelle
Lebanon AF

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