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Central Government Agencies: Coast Guard 4,554 Personnel.(civilian)




Forces by Role & Equipment by Type


AIRCRAFT No combat capable. Total 8 Utility Aircrafts.


Utility 2 some sqns with 8 Utl ac:

2 de Havilland Canada Dash 8 (Canadian Ice Service ice reconnaissance and oil pollution surveillance);

1 de Havilland Canada Dash 7 (Canadian Ice Service ice reconnaissance and oil pollution surveillance);

1 de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter (marine fisheries and marine pollution surveillance);

4 Beech Super King Air B200 (contracted by the Canadian government and owned and operated by Provincial Aerospace Limited for ice reconnaissance, marine fisheries and marine pollution surveillance)


HELICOPTER No combat capable. Total 26 Helicopters.


Utility some sqns with 26 Utl hel:

1 Sikorsky 61

4 Bell 212 Twin Huey;

3 Bell 206L Longranger;
Bell 206 JetRanger;

2 Bell 407;

14 MBB Bo-105S;



  Canadian Coast Guard Aviation Main Headquarters: HQ Located at xxxx
  Coast Guard Aviation Airfields and Airbases Organisation


Bases: All of the Canadian Coast Guard Regions operate helicopters however ice reconnaissance missions are primarily flown in eastern Canada, given the absence of ice surveillance requirements for the west coast. Unlike the fixed wing aircraft the helicopters can often operate directly out of there CCG bases as is the case in Quebec City and Parry Sound. The majority of CCG aircraft operate from municipal airports located near major CCG bases as follows:


Fixed and rotary wing maintenance

Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW), Ottawa, ON


Fixed wing operations and maintenance

Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Richmond, BC

Greater Moncton International Airport (YQM), Dieppe, NB

Iqaluit Airport (YFB), Iqaluit, NU

Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ), Halifax, NS[19]

St. John's International Airport (YYT), St. John's, NL[19]


Rotary wing operations and maintenance

Stephenville International Airport (YJT), Stephenville, NL

St. John's International Airport (YYT), St. John's, NL

CFB Shearwater (YAW), Dartmouth, NS

Saint John Airport (YSJ), Saint John, NB

Charlottetown Airport (YYG), Charlottetown, PEI

Canadian Coast Guard Base Parry Sound, Parry Sound, ON

Victoria International Airport (YYJ), Sidney, BC

Prince Rupert Airport (YPR), Prince Rupert, BC

CCG's fixed wing operations and maintenance bases are co-located with Transport Canada aviation operations facilities. Maintenance for all CCG aircraft is provided by both CCG and Transport Canada personnel.


Air Search & Rescue

As with any government vessels being called upon to assist the Canadian Forces with Search and Rescue tasks, any available Canadian government aircraft can also be called upon. The aircraft operated by the Canadian Coast Guard have a secondary role to conduct Air Search & Rescue operations.


Other Organisations by Service Notes:

Canadian Coast Guard 4,554 (civilian)

Forces by Role (Current order of battle): Incl. Department of Fisheries and Oceans; all platforms are designated as non-combatant.

Inventory Equipment by Type Notes:

Patrol and Coastal Combatants 60 Vessels: ships and small boats

PSO 4 Type-600

PCO 6: 1 Tanu; 2 Louisbourg; 1 Quebecois; 1 Arrrow Post; 1 Gordon Reid

PCI 9: 4 Type-400; 3 Post Class; 1 Cumella Class; 1 Type 200

PB 47: 10 Type 300-A; 36 Type-300B (SAR Motor Lifeboats (MLBs));

Logistics and Support 55:

ACV 4 Penac; AGB 6

Polar Icebreakers 1 John G. Diefenbaker;

Heavy Arctic Icebreakers 2: 1 Gulf class Type 1300; 1 Terry Fox class Type 1200

Medium River Icebreaker 4: 1 Modified R class Type 1200; 3 R class Type 1200

AGOR 10 (nearshore and offshore fishery vessels) AGOS 7

Navaids 24 (incl specialist vessels)  Trg 3


Other Inventory Equipment by Type Notes:

Offshore Fishery Science 3: 1 Alfred Needler, 1 Teleost, 1 W.E. Ricker

Marine Service 4 Tracy is classed as Type 1000 vessel;

Offshore Patrol 4: carry 2 Rigid-hull Inflatable boats, and their main use is fisheries enforcement and search and rescue; Mid-shore Patrol 14 Medium sized patrol vessels of about (37- 42 metres);  Mid-Shore Science Vessels 5; Special Navaid Tenders 2; Near Shore Fishery Research 5; Channel Survey & Sounding 2; Air Cushion Vehicles (hovercraft) 5; Specialty Vessels 15;


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