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F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II F-4E Phantom II

F-4E Phantom II

F-4E Phantom II

The Israeli Air Force has been the largest foreign user of the Phantom, flying both newly built and ex-USAF aircraft, as well as several one-off special reconnaissance variants. The first F-4Es, nicknamed Kurnass (Heavy hammer), and RF-4Es, nicknamed Orev (Raven), were delivered in 1969 under the Peace Echo I program. Additional Phantoms arrived during the 1970s under Peace Echo II through Peace Echo V and Nickel Grass programs. Israeli Phantoms saw extensive combat during Arab-Israeli conflicts, first seeing action during the War of Attrition. The first Kurnass air-to-air victory came on 1969-11-11 against an Egyptian Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21. The first air combat loss, also to a MiG-21, happened on 1970-04-02. Over the course of the conflicts, IDF claimed 116 air victories to 56 losses, mostly to ground fire.

Israeli F-4s underwent an extensive modification program to adapt them for local weapons and avionics. In the 1980s, Israel began the Kurnass 2000 modernization program which significantly updated avionics, including the APG-76 radar and cockpit with multi-function displays and HOTAS, and added the ability to launch the Popeye missiles. Kurnass 2000 aircraft, which first flew on 11 August 1987 and began entering service on 5 February 1991, can be recognized by small strakes above the air intakes and a "probe-and-drogue" refueling probe plumbed directly into the boom receptacle on the spine of the aircraft. Israel also created a Pratt & Whitney PW1120-engined version which first flew on 30 July 1986. The aircraft was capable of supercruise, had 17 percent better thrust-to-weight ratio, 15 percent better sustained turn rate, 36 percent greater climb rate, and 27 percent better acceleration, all with improved fuel efficiency. It was demonstrated at the 1987 Paris Air Show but the project was deemed too expensive for the aging airframes.The last Israeli F-4s were retired 12 May 2004.

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Serials of the F-4E Phantom:

68-0396/0399 - McDonnell F-4E-38-MC Phantom
68-0414/0417 - McDonnell F-4E-39-MC Phantom
68-0434/0437 - McDonnell F-4E-39-MC Phantom
68-0454/0457 - McDonnell F-4E-40-MC Phantom
68-0469/0472 - McDonnell F-4E-40-MC Phantom
68-0484/0487 - McDonnell F-4E-40-MC Phantom
68-0499/0502 - McDonnell F-4E-41-MC Phantom
68-0519/0525 - McDonnell F-4E-41-MC Phantom
68-0539/0547 - McDonnell F-4E-41-MC Phantom
69-7590/7595 - McDonnell F-4E-45-MC Phantom
71-1779/1786 - McDonnell F-4E-51-MC Phantom
71-1787/1793 - McDonnell F-4E-52-MC Phantom
71-1794/1796 - McDonnell F-4E-53-MC Phantom
74-1014/1015 - McDonnell F-4E-60-MC Phantom
74-1016/1021 - McDonnell F-4E-61-MC Phantom
74-1022/1037 - McDonnell F-4E-62-MC Phantom

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F-15B Baz 2000 - 408
Israel AF
Israeli F-4E Phgantom II

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