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Republic of Ecuador (República del Ecuador)

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Ecuador Navy (Armada del Ecuador) 7,283 personnel. (incl Naval Aviation, Marines and Coast Guard)

ECUADOR NAVAL AVIATION • Aviacion Naval Ecuatoriana (FAdE)

Naval Aviation 375 personnel.

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

AIRCRAFT No combat capable. Total 17 Aircrafts.

Maritime Patrol
1 sqn with 5 MP ac:
1 Airtec CN-235M-100;
1 CASA CN-235-300MP;
2 Beech 200T MP;
1 Beech 300 (CATPAS)

Light Transport 1 sqn with 6 Lt Tpt ac:
1 Beech 200T Super King Air;
1 Beech 300-232 Super King Air;
1 Cessna 337G
1 Cessna 500 Citation I
2 Raytheon B200

Training 1 sqn with 6 Trg ac:
4 Enaer T-35B-6 Pillan;
2 Beech T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor

HELICOPTER No armed capable. Total 12 Helicopters.

Utility 1 sqn with 7 Utl Hel:
3 Bell 206B JetRanger;
1 Bell 206A JetRanger
1 Bell 230T;
2 Bell 430;

Rotary Flying Training 2 Trg hel:
2 Bell TH-57A Sea Ranger

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
• UAV • Reconnaissance
1 sqn with 6 Recce UAV:
4 IAI Searcher Mk.2;
2 IAI Heron I

  Anti-ship missile: 75 MM-40 Exocet (For Esmeraldas corvettes), 50 MM-38 Exocet (For Leander (Alfaro) frigates AND TNC-45 (Quito) FAC), 25 Gabriel-2 (For TNC-36 (Manta) FAC)
  ASW torpedo: 72 A244 324mm (For Esmeraldas corvettes)
  AS/ASW torpedo: 60 SUT (For Type-209 (Shyri) submarines)
  BVRAAM (beyond visual range air-to-air missile): 50 Aspide (For Esmeraldas corvettes)
  Portable SAM: 50 Mistral /SIMBAD (For  SAMS on Leander frigates)

  MP aircraft radar 1 Seaspray (For modification of 1 CN-235 transport aircraft to CN-235MP MP aircraft)
  Air search radar 3 Triton (For 3 TNC-45 (Quito) FAC from FRG)
  Fire control radar 3 TRS-3220 Pollux (For 3 TNC-45 (Quito) FAC from FRG), 3 TRS-3220 Pollux (For 3 TNC-36 (Manta) FAC)
  ASW sonar 6 Diodion (For 6 Esmeraldas corvettes from Italy)
  Sonar 2 S-CUBE (For modernization of 2 Type-209 submarines)

  Ecuador Navy Force Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Guayaquil (main base)
  Naval Aviation Airfields and Airbases Organisation:

  Naval Air Base: Aérea Simon Bolivar, Guayaquil and Jaramijo

  Base Aérea Simon Bolivar, Guayaquil (SEGU)
  1 Escuadrilla de Enlace: Cessna 500        
  2 Escuadrilla de Transporte: CN235M-100, Beech 200, Beech 200 Catpass, Beech 300,
  3 Escuadrilla de Helicópteros: Bell 206, TH-57A, Bell 230    
  Escuadrilla de Entrenamiento: T-35B-6, T-34C-1

Ecuador Navy Inventory Equipment Notes:
Submarines • Tactical • SSK  2:
2 Shyri (GER T-209/1300, undergoing refit in Chile) each with 8 single 533mm TT with 14 SUT HWT
Principal Surface Combatants 8:
Frigates • FFG 2:
1 Presidente Eloy Alfaro† (ex-UK Leander batch II) each with 4 single each with MM-40 Exocet tactical SSM, 3 twin (6 eff.) each with Mistral SAM, (capacity 1 Bell 206B JetRanger II utl hel)
1 Condell (mod UK Leander; under transfer from Chile) with 4 single with MM-40 Exocet tactical SSM, 2 triple ASTT (6 eff.) each with Mk 46 LWT, 2 x 114mm gun,(capacity 1 Bell 206B JetRanger II utl hel)
Corvettes • FSG  6:
6 Esmeraldas (4†) each with 2 triple (6 eff.) each with MM-40 Exocet tactical SSM, 1 quad (4 eff.) with Aspide SAM, 2 B515 ILAS-3 triple 324mm each with A244 LWT, 176mm gun, 1 hel landing platform (upgrade programme ongoing)
Patrol and Coastal Combatants 3:
PFM 3 Quito (GER Lurssen TNC-45 45m) each with 4 single with MM-38 Exocet tactical SSM, 1 76mm gun (upgrade programme ongoing)
Amphibious • LS • LST 1:1 Hualcopo (capacity 150 troops) (US LST-512-1152)
Logistics and Support 5: (AG 1, AWT 2, AGOS 1 Orion, ATF 1)
Navy Facilities: Bases Located at Guayaquil (main base), Galápagos Islands, Naval airbase Jaramijo

Official website:

HS-748 B
Equador Mirage F.1
Equador HS.748B
Ecuadorian Air Force Denel Cheetah C
Ecuador AF

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Eurocopter has delivered the first two Ecureuil AS350 B2 for Ecuadorian Armed Forces

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• Ecuador Air Force Orders Training Fleet Of 12 Diamond DA20-C1s  (2.11.2011)

• Denel to probe Cheetah in-flight incident  (1.9.2011)


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