The U.S. military said the air marshals of the PLA equipment 2000 may shift to offensive operations

The U.S. military said the air marshals of the PLA equipment 2000 may shift to offensive operations

The original diagram with: the -2000 AWACS air marshals Wang Zhangqin Wang Xiongchun. -2000 early-warning aircraft of the air marshals f independent research and development is called “disappointing machine”, since 2009 the National Day parade “domineering” appearance, it has always been of great concern at home and abroad.

People are not only concerned about its technical and tactical performance, from time to time carries compared with the similar early warning aircraft of the United States, Japan, India and Israel, but also concerned about its position in the People’s Air Force, the role of sporadic reports from time to time through the media, it speculate on the practical effect of their service since.

In fact, the “Liberation Army Daily, March 10, 2010, a short message on the offensive and defensive operations in the sea air marshals -2000 rate fighters drill far, a number of foreign media and research institutions as the” People’s Liberation Army the combat capability and greatly improved the evidence repeated references from one side shows the actual efficacy.

Early warning and detection from the ground “to” Air “

Air marshals -2000 the successful development and deployment, not only technically out of the institutional autonomy, integration and functional diversification of the early warning aircraft, a way of development, but also out of the air defense early warning from land-based “to” air-ground combined with the road. This is a milestone for the promotion of the People’s Air Force from the “homeland defense” to “both offensive and defensive.

Ar marshals -2000 of the basic functions of the airborne early warning. Equipment, active phased array radar, using a fixed dish antenna. Electronic scan for target detection than traditional rotary scanning radar can be uninterrupted tracking of targets, tracking speed, high accuracy rate. Independent transmit and receive modules on the antenna array, to be completed by the multi-target search, monitoring, tracking, and implementation of the mapping.

Combined air marshals -2000 radar power is strong, the antenna diameter, and the use of high-speed computers and special noise reduction technology, and its target detection can achieve 360-degree coverage, the ability to track, detect hundreds of air , ground and sea targets, and guide the dozens of groups of target detection range, angular resolution and other properties is a world leader.

Mechanically scanned radar-E-3 AWACS, for example, its antenna on lap 5 to 6 rotations per minute scan cycle for a target of about 10 seconds, to define a goal and establish a track track 3 to 6 scans, 60 seconds 30. The air marshals -2000 only a few seconds, the corresponding air situation data refresh rate is much higher than the E-3 AWACS.

AWACS using solid state devices, the equipment structure is simple and practical, work with high reliability. Operational applications, and far from the ground, in the short-range radar to work together, and together constitute an integrated air defense early warning network, to effectively compensate for the ground radar distance, low-altitude, low altitude coverage gaps, the Air Force from the original based on the foundation of the static reconnaissance and early warning network, transformed into the air base base combination of static and dynamic combination of reconnaissance and early warning network, to expand the space of a strategic early warning longer a strategic warning time.

Operational command from the “flat” to “stereo”

Air marshals -2000 the successful development and deployment, not only in weaponry and equipment system function make up for the airborne early warning detection, blank, and across from the “flat” to “stereo” in the command of the air defense operations. For the people’s air defense “based on the territory of” steering “based on the outside” epoch-making significance.

Air marshals -2000 combat missions airborne command. As air mobility command platform, the air marshals -2000 within the larger context of complete control of air momentum for battlefield monitoring, synthesis, processing, analysis, analyzing a variety of information in a timely manner to provide momentum for commanders at all levels and a variety of combat forces judgment, and is responsible for one’s own combat forces in a timely manner to guide to a favorable tactical position in order to create the first enemy before the enemy attacks the conditions. Especially in the medium to long-distance air combat, the real-time briefings and accurate command of the AWACS to guide the timely detection of the target on one’s own combat forces, and continuously track the target, the correct tactical maneuver and concentrate superior firepower, has a key role.

Air marshals -2000 equipped with electronic surveillance system can detect the early warning radar detection range of outside sources of ionizing radiation, intercepted the target to do far, through the rapid determination of processing and the target parameters, improve the complex electromagnetic environment under the conditions of the interception rate of the target. Early warning radars, different ways of working, real-time access to the target position, distance, altitude and speed information to form a continuous tracking of different batches of the different nature of objectives and monitoring. Identification Friend or Foe IFF systems on the target, then the target information by the information processing system for processing, analysis and synthesis. Comprehensive information can be displayed directly on the AWACS command console through the data link voice, video, text format, or Figure combat posture, operational instructions, forms, distributed in the air, on land or sea command platform, command, and to guide one’s land, sea and air combat forces against the enemy attack.

The same time, when my communication system from interference and sabotage, or before a combat unit communication distance exceeds the maximum scope of airborne communications equipment for air marshals -2000 also the implementation of air converted, to keep the allegations Unicom information between platforms and weapons platforms. So, air defense operations will be able to do anti then the pre-prepared for the attack is directed at the crucial point.

U .S. Air Force senior officials in the impact analysis of air marshals -2000 to the Chinese air defense operations, said its concern to China’s weaponry system to fill a blank, it is better to focus on the blank China’s air defense operational command to fill will bring epoch-making change. Because, even if only to configure the four overhead Police -2000, in a regional war, China will also be with 24 hours of the territory-wide air defense early warning and command and combat capability. They have been pursued by “luring in deep” operational guidance for or thereon abandoned, and instead to pursue offensive operations. With the equipment to further expand the scale, the performance of the combat skills to further improve the user experience to further enrich the operational procedures to further optimize the strength to support the further coordination, not only offensive operations in space will expand to the local community outside of offensive combat capability will be further direction of integration.

‘s remarks “a sinister heart of a gentleman’s belly.” China has always pursued a strategy of “active defense” follow “people do not make me, I do not prisoners” policy, but the air marshals -2000 Air Combat Command function is bound to change our plane, localization, tree-based air defense operations command style, and then the reverse of a long time can only be forced to fight in the “homeland defense”, the passive situation is difficult to take the initiative.

Force system from the “discrete” to “integration” -2000

Air marshals successful development and deployment, not only the Chinese military forces constitute added a new element, and the cohesive force system from the “discrete” to “integration” jumped. Accelerate the formation of combat capability-based information system to promote the significance.

Air marshals -2000 set reconnaissance, early warning, communications, navigation, intelligence, integrated command and control in one node, and air battlefield hub of air combat information systems, not only early warning and detection, command and control functions, also has a multi- kinds of combat forces fusion. It is equipped with a common data link, both the target detection, localization, identification, tracking, surveillance information in real time distributed authorization command of platforms and weapons platforms, but also to receive into the command of the battlefield information system platforms and weapons platforms to upload information according to user needs, generate a new format, new forms, new information, passed to a specific user. This online information interoperability and sharing of discrete combat forces distributed in the different dimensions of integration in integrated combat system, open up the channels of technology.

Such as air marshals -2000 can be in different directions at different heights, different distances batch of air target information, and distributed to the distribution in the different regions, different airspace, different heights, different types of land sea ??and air combat platforms, based on the early warning instructions, precision strikes, so that the information fusion of fire, the power of system integration.

Alarming international “flattery” or “Bangsha” the ability of military operations, like to get the synergy of the Chinese armed forces, joint or fusion that matter. “Flattery” said the Chinese armed forces collaboration, joint or fusion is very good, good enough to “threat” surrounding even the United States; “Bangsha to” said the Chinese armed forces collaboration, joint or fusion is very poor, poor enough to allow the United States and even neighboring countries. “instant defeat.

Fact, including China, the armed forces of any country in the world, considered from the development, procurement, column mounted to the actual use of early warning aircraft, will co-ordinate early warning aircraft led the integration of the entire combat system, and so promote the data link and network upgrade of the command structure, the transformation of the weapons platforms, and even the change of the mode of training, combat-style updates.


by the French Air Force took the lead in the Libyan action, under the unified management and regulation of the AWACS, basically various types of weapons and equipment investment by multinational integration has become a whole. This shows that air marshals -2000 with similar functions, but also for the integration of our military forces play a catalytic role, and through this integration, battlefield solitary point in the traditional financial system node. Such a system node, a variety of “eyes” to help it see, there are a variety of “ears” to help it to listen to a variety of “brain” to help it count, there are various “talent” to help it dry, it’s combat capability will be doubled. This is the meaning of integration, and also the combat capability of the armed forces to achieve doubling of the true meaning.

High radiation, low mobility, the existence of vulnerable risk with other early warning aircraft, air marshals -2000 take depend on deployment, along with the cover and other measures, but the objective existence of the risk of vulnerable and so on. Such as body shape of a large airborne radar radiation intensity. The same time, kind of early warning aircraft, generally 7,000 to 10,000 m events, a high degree of relatively fixed, trace is likely to expose, coupled with slow cruising speed, mobility, no offensive weapons in its own defense capability is weak. It is not only vulnerable to other detection and interference, are also vulnerable to anti-radiation missile attack, especially now scrambling to develop supersonic, hypersonic missile attack.

In addition, like the French contractor in the 1991 U.S. air strikes against Iraq, the Iraqi air defense network, the technical details of the lesson to the United States, should also be included in the AWACS development, the use of the risk out. Because potential adversaries in the AWACS system placed “back door”, or by its allies, Discovery technical details, when necessary, he would “back door” against AWACS destruction.

Former Russian air defense forces commander Yakovlev have a saying: Yuzuo masters of the sky, you not only need to have more than the sword, but also to have longer eyes and ears. He said the “sword” is a combat aircraft, he said the “eyes and ears”, is the early warning aircraft.

Only “paying attention” to “ingenuity,” the truth, not only Russian generals understand. As early as the 1960s, China had successfully developed the “Air Police” early warning aircraft, but for various reasons, the kind, terminate in the late 1970s development. 1990s late, China and Russia, Israel and the joint development of another type of early warning aircraft, but the kind, because of the brutal interference of a hegemonic state in 2000, was forced to terminate.

Such as these examples shows that hegemonic state does not want his country “paying attention”, he had been barbaric interference in Sino-foreign cooperation, is to let China’s weapons and equipment to continue to “deaf blind” and “stupid heart hand humble “? Such a risk, I am afraid that more should be prevention.

Based on this, the country people to self-developed air marshals -2000 called “disappointing machine. The practical application of combat forces in recent years has proven, advanced technology comparable to the active service of his country’s early warning aircraft, air marshals -2000 is not only comparable, more worthy of the People’s Air Force strategic transformation of the “propeller” and combat capability of the “multiplier”

Future improvements and utilities will continue to prove disappointing machine live up to reputation: not only live up to expectations for independence and self-development with Chinese characteristics, weapons and equipment, also based information systems, propulsion system integration to improve the people’s army operational ability to live up to expectations!

(of units: 91 746 troops of the Academy of Military Sciences)

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Source: (abc.net) -13 July 2012

Photo: People’s Liberation Army Air Police 2000 F-10 H-6H battle group to participate in military exercises CO military exercises air marshals 2000 J-10 and H-6H air command. The KongJing-2000 (KJ-2000) Airborne Early Warning and Control system (AEW&C) was developed to meet the requirements of People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) for an early warning aircraft. hoto by kmle.co.kr)



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