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Dutch Lynx Helicopter captured in Libya to be returned

Dutch Lynx Helicopter captured in Libya to be returned

A Dutch Lynx helicopter seized by pro-Gadaffi forces in Libya after a failed evacuation attempt in February last year is being returned to the Netherlands.

According to the Dutch ministry of defence, the aircraft is no longer airworthy and will be dismantled and scrapped on its return.

The aircraft was captured during an attempt to rescue two European citizens from Sirte whilst operating from the frigate HMLMS Tromp.

Pro-Gadaffi forces captured the three crew and held them until 11 March. The Dutch Ministry of Defence has announced that the Netherlands will get the helicopter back that had to be abandoned on the beach in the Libyan town of Sirte last year.

According to the defence ministry, the Lynx helicopter is no longer operational. It was moved from Sirte to the capital Tripoli on Monday. The aircraft will be salvaged and transported to the Netherlands by sea.

The helicopter was involved in a failed rescue attempt; the crew were attempting to rescue a Dutch national when the three-member crew was captured. They were released two weeks later.

Source: 28 February 2012 - Radio Netherlands News

Photo: Dutch authorities said the helicopter, which has been secured near the coastal city of Sirte for almost a year, has now been transferred to Tripoli. From there, the Lynx will be loaded onto a ship for its return back to the Netherlands. (Photo by Netherlands MoD)


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