Japan   Japanese Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) • Kōkū Jieitai • 航空自衛隊
Japan (Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku (Nihon/Nippon))

Japanese Air Force  •  Naval Aviation  •  Japanese Army Aviation  •  Coast Guard Aviation  •  Japan Space Defence  •  Other Aviation  •  Deployment  •  Foreign Air Forces

Japanese Ministry of Defense (MOD): Ground Self-Defense Force (Rikujou Jietai, JGSDF), Maritime Self-Defense Force (Kaijou Jietai, JMSDF), Air Self-Defense Force (Koku Jieitai, JASDF)

Active 230,300 Personnel.(Ground Self-Defense Force 138,400; Maritime Self- Defense Force 42,400; Air 34,760; Central Sta" 2,200) Paramilitary 12,250; Reserve 41,800 (Navy 900; Air 700; General Reserve Army (GSDF) 33,800; Ready Reserve Army (GSDF) 6,200)

  • Koukuu Jieitai (KJ) •
Air Force
43,760 personnel. Flying hours 150 hrs/year

Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

420+ combat capable. Total 953+ Aircrafts.
  (7 cbt wings)

Multi-role Fighter Combat
1 sqn with 42 Multi-role Cbt ac:
42 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning (Ordered)

Multi-role Fighter
3 sqn with 77 Multi-role Ftr ac:
64 Mitsubishi F-2A (F-16C);
13 Mitsubishi F-2B (F-16D)*;
20 Mitsubishi F-2B (Ordered)

Air Defence (Interceptor)
11 sqn with 192 Ftr ac:
153 Mitsubishi F-15CJ Eagle;
2 McDonnell Douglas F-15CJ Eagle;
25 Mitsubishi F-15DJ Eagle;
12 McDonnell Douglas F-15DJ Eagle*;

2 sqns with 91 Ftr ac:
83 Mitsubishi / McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Phantom II Kai,
8 McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Phantom II;

1 sqn with 21 Recce ac: (Replace RF-4EJs with F-15Js + SAR Pods)
10 Mitsubishi / MDD RF-4EJ Phantom II Kai;
11 McDonnell Douglas RF-4E Phantom II;

Airborne Early Warning & Airborne Command
Post 1 sqn with 4 AEW /ACP ac:
4 Boeing E-767-200ER (AWACS & Airborne Command Post)

Airborne Early Warning
1 sqn with 13 AEW ac:
13 Northop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye;

Electronic Warfare
2 sqn with 14 EW ac:
1 Kawasaki EC-1;

Air-to-Air Refueling
1 sqn with 10 Tkr ac:
4 Boeing KC-767J;
6 Lockheed Martin KC-130H Hercules (Modernized)

Search and Rescue
1 wg with 36+ SAR ac:
16 Raytheon U-125A Peace Krypton;
2 Raytheon U-125 Peace Krypton;
18 Mitsubishi LR-1 (MU-2C/E/K/J/S);

1 sqn with 7 CAL ac:
7 Raytheon U-125-800 Peace Krypton (British Aerospace BAe 800SM Dominie);  

VIP Transport
1 sqn with 2 Vip Tpt ac:
2 Boeing 747-400 (VIP);

1 sqn with 40 Tpt ac:
26 Kawasaki C-1A (heavy transport);
9 Lockheed C-130H Hercules (tactical transport);
5 Beech A65 Queen Air
20 Kawasaki C-2 (Ordered);

Transport & Utility
sqn with 5 Utl /Tpt ac:
5 Grumman U-4 Gulfstream IV MPA;

VIP Transport & Liaison sqn with 4+ VIP Tpt & Liaison ac:

4 Grumman U-4 Gulfstream IV VIP;
Kawasaki T-4*

15 sqn with 404+ Trg ac:
1 sqn with 8 Aggressor Trg ac:
8 Mitsubishi F-15DJ Eagle*
Advanced Flying Training
8 sqn with with 284 Adv Trg ac:
204 Kawasaki T-4A;
56 Mitsubishi T-2A Koki;
24 Mitsubishi T-2B Zenki
Transport Training
1 sqn with 22 Tpt Trg ac:
13 Beech T-400-41;
9 T-1A Jayhawk
Basic Training
5 trg schools with 90 Bsc Trg ac
48 Fuji T-7 Kai;
42 Fuji T-3A Kai / Fuji KM-2F (Beech T-34A);

Air Development and Test
1 wg with 4 Test sqn 33+ ac/hel:
1 Mitsubishi ATD-X (Maiden flight expected in 2014.)
1 C-X, C-2X, C-1/C-1FTB,
25 F-15J; 6 F-15DJ,
F-2A/B, F-4EJ, RF-4E/EJ;
T-7, T-4, T-2;
Boeing E-767, C-130H, E-2C, U-125, U-125A
CH-47J, UH-60J

* Training

No armed capable. Total 63+ Helicopters

Search and Rescue
(ac) wg with 44 SAR hel:
39 Mitsubishi UH-60J BlackHawk;
40 Mitsubishi / Sikorsky UH-60J Black Hawk (Ordered);
2 Kawasaki KV-107 Shirasaji (Boeing Vertol CH-46)
2 Kawasaki KV-107II Shirasaji (Boeing Vertol 107)

4 spt hel bn (hy-lift) flt with 19 Spt hel:
19 Boeing / Kawasaki CH-47J Chinook


  ASM ASM-1 (Type-80); ASM-2 (Type-93);
  AAM AAM-4 (Type-99); AIM-7 Sparrow; AIM-9 Sidewinder; AAM-3 (Type-90 )


  Radar stn 28 (ac control and warning)

Japanese Air Defence Units

Aircraft control and warning: 4 wings, 28 radar sites
6 SAM groups (24 squadrons)
AD 4 wg
; 28 radar sites; 1 (Air Base Defence) gp with Type-81 Tan-SAM; FIM-92A Stinger; Type-91 Kin- SAM; M-167 Vulcan
SAM 6 gp
, comprising 24 SAM bty each with 5 launchers MIM-104 Patriot) 16+ bty of PAC-3 (incl 4 bty for trg)

Air Base Defense Group with:

SP Type-81 Tan-SAM
192+ MIM-104 Patriot; 16+ PAC-3

Type 81 short-range; Type 91 portable, FIM-92A Stinger SAMs


M-167 Vulcan AA guns

  Japan Air Self-Defense Force Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Tokyo
JASDF Airfields and Airbases Organisation: Koku-Jietai / Koku Bakuryoukanbu

 Japan Air Self Defence Force Airbases (Current Order of Battle): Iruma (RJTJ), Misawa (RJSM), Fukuoka (RJFF) Kasuga, Nyutabaru (RJFN), Tsuiki (RJFZ), Naha (ROAH), Hyakuri (RJAH), Chitose (RJCJ), Hamamatsu (RJNH), Kanazawa/Komatsu (RJNK), Niigata (RJSN), Ashiya (RJFA), Nyutabaru (RJFN), Miho (RJOH), Yaizu/Shizuhama (RJNY), Hofu-kita (RJOF), Nagoya (RJNA) Komaki AB,  Hofu (RJOF), Akita (RJSK),  Matsushima (RJST), Utsunomiya (RJTU), Gifu (RJNG)

The MInistry of Defense and Self-Defense Force, centering on the armed organizations of the Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces, are organized with various organizations such as National Defense Academy, National Defense Medical Collage, National Institute for Defense Studies, Technical Research and Development Institute, Equipment Procurement Office, and Defense Facilities Administration Agency. JASDF established the "Air Staff Office" in Ichigaya, Tokyo. The "Air Defense Command" is the main force formation for air defense and covers all of Japan. Furthermore, other organizations, such as "Air Support Command" handling transportation, "Air Training Command" for education, "Air Developing and Proving Command" involved in aerial technique development, and "Air Material Command" in charge of the supply of equipment and commodities, are organized to work together to accomplish each mission.

The Air Staff Office is the chief organization for military service operations and includes the Chief of Staff of JASDF and his assistant agency. It works under the staff of the Minister of Defense.


The Air Defense Command is the first-line troop to be given an air combat mission. It consists of the Air Defense Command, Air Defense Force and other directly controlled forces, in order to carry out command and operations in an integrated manner

Koku Sotai HQ (Air Defence Command) at Fuchu:

Hokubu Koku Homentai HQ (Northern Air Defence Force) at Misawa:
Dai 2 Koku-dan
(Air Defence Wing at Chitose):
  Dai 201 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J,F-15DJ, T-4
  Dai 203 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J,F-15DJ, T-4
Dai 3 Koku-dan
(Air Defence Wing at Misawa): 18 F-2 fighters and other aircraft were damaged.(12.03.2011)
  Dai 3 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-2A, F-2B, T-4
  Dai 8 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-2A, F-2B, T-4
  Hokubu Sien Hiko-han HQ (Northern Support Flight Sqn at Misawa): T-4

Chubu Koku Homentai HQ (Central Air Defence Force)
at Iruma:

Sotai Shireibu Hiko-tai
(Defence Command Headquarter Squadron)
    Shien Hiko-tai (Support Squadron): T-4, U-4
Densi-sen Sien-tai
(Electronic Countermeasure Squadron): YS-11EA, EC-1
Denshi Hiko Sokuteitai
(Electronic Intelligence Squadron): YS-11EB

Dai 6 Koku-dan
(Air Defence Wing) at Komatsu:
  Dai 303 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4
  Dai 306 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4
Dai 7 Koku-dan
(Air Defence Wing) at Hyakuri:
  Dai 302 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-4EJ, T-4, F-15J
  Dai 305 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4

Seibu Koku Homentai HQ (Western Air Defence Force) at Kasuga:

Seiku Sien Hiko-tai
(Headquarter Support Squadron): T-4

Hiko Kyodotai (Tactical Fighter Training Squadron at Nyutabaru)
: F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4
  Dai 5 Koku-dan (Air Defence Wing at Nyutabaru)
     Dai 301 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-4EJ, T-4
     Dai 202 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15, T-4
  Hiko Kyoiku Kokutai HQ (Air Training Group at Nyutabaru)
     Dai 23 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4

 Dai 8 Koku-dan (Air Defence Wing at Tsuiki)
    Dai 6 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-2A, F-2B, T-4, F-1, T-2
    Dai 304 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, T-4

Nansei Koku Konsei-dan HQ (South West Composite Air Division) at Naha:
  Dai 83 Koku-gun (Air Defence Wing at at Naha)
     Dai 204 Hiko-tai (Air Defence Squadron): F-15J, F-15DJ, F-4, T-4
Nansei Sien Hiko-han
(South West Support Squadron at Naha): T-4, Queen Air

Seibu Koku Homentai HQ (Western Air Defence Force) at Kasuga:
Shireibu Shien Hikotai (Headquarter Support Squadron): T-4

Teisatu Koku-tai HQ (Air Recce. Group)
at Hyakuri

Dai 501 Hiko-tai (Reconnaissance Squadron): RF-4EJ, RF-4E, T-4
Hiko Kyodo-tai (Nyutabaru): F-15, T-4

Keikai Kokutai HQ (Airborne Early Warning Group) at Fuchu:

Koku Sotai (Airborne Early Warning & Airborne Command)
at Hamamatsu
Keikai Kokutai / Hiko Keikai Kanseita
(Air Warning Control Squadron) at Hamamatsu: E-767
Dai 601 Hiko-tai / Hiko Keikai Kanshitai
(Air Warning Surveillance Squadron): E-2C

The Air Support Command is the organization to support the Air Defense Command by carrying out air strategy. In addition to the headquarters, it consists of troops for rescue, air transportation, air control, weather, and maintenance

Koku Sien Shudan HQ (Air Support Command)
at Fuchu

Koku Kyunan-dan HQ (Air Rescue Wing) at Komaki
Ashiya Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Ashiya): UH-60J,bU-125A, KV-107, MU-2
Komaki Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Komaki ): UH-60J, U-125A
Chitose Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Chitose): UH-60J, U-125A
Matsushima Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Matsushima): UH-60J, U-125A, KV-107, MU-2
Hyakuri Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Hyakuri): UH-60J, U-125A, MU-2
Hamamatsu Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Hamamatsu): UH-60J, U-125A, MU-2
Akita Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Akita): UH-60J,U-125A, KV-107, MU-2    
Komatsu Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Komatsu): UH-60J,U-125A
Niigata Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron Niigata): UH-60J,U-125A, MU-2
Nyutabaru Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Nytabaru): UH-60J,U-125A, KV-107, MU-2     
Naha Kyunan-tai
(Air Rescue Squadron at Naha): UH-60J,U-125A, MU-2

Misawa Herikoputa Kuyu-tai
(Helicopter Airlift Squadron) at Misawa: CH-47   
Iruma Herikoputa Kuyu-tai
(Helicopter Airlift Squadron) at Iruma: CH-47J
Kasuga Herikoputa Kuyu-tai (Helicopter Airlift Squadron) at Kasuga: CH-47J
Naha Herikoputa Kuyu-tai
(Helicopter Airlift Squadron) at Naha: CH-47J

Dai 1 Yuso Koku-ta
i (1.Tactical Airlift Group) at Komaki
  Dai 401 Hiko-tai (Support Squadron): KC-130H, C-130H
  Dai 404 Hiko-tai (Support Squadron): KC-767

Dai 2 Yuso Koku-tai
(2. Tactical Airlift Group) at Iruma
  Dai 402 Hiko-tai (Support Squadron): C-1, U-4; YS-11, 

Dai 3 Yuso Koku-tai
(3. Tactical Airlift Group) at Miho
    Dai 403 Hiko-tai (Support Squadron): C-1, YS-11P, YS-11T
    Dai 41 Kyoiku Hiko-tai (Support Training Squadron): T-400-41, T-1A

Hiko Tenken-tai
(Flight Check Squadron at Iruma): YS-11FC, U-125

Tokubetu Koku Yuso-tai HQ
(Special Airlift Group) at Chitose
    Dai 701 Hiko-tai (VIP Transport Squadron): Boeing 747


The Air Training Command is the organization that provides education to SDF members in an integrated manner, and the educational agency to carry out basic education and training, and teach expertise and skill necessary for a SDF member.

Hiko Kyoiku Kokutai HQ (Air Training Group) at Nyutabaru

Koku Kyoiku Shudan HQ (Air Training Command at Hamamatsu)

Dai 1 Koku-dan
at Hamamatsu
  Dai 31 Kyoiku Hiko-tai: T-4
  Dai 32 Kyoiku Hiko-tai: T-4
Hiko Kyoiku Kokutai (Air Training Group at) Hamamatsu (HQ Nyutabaru):
 1 Jyutsuka Gakko (Technical School): F-15J, F-2A/B, T-7, T-4

Dai 4 Koku-dan
(Flying Training Wing) at Matsushima
  Dai 21 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-2
  Dai 22 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-2
  Dai 11 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-4
  Dai 11 Hiko Kyoiku-dan (Flying Training Wing / Shizuhama (Blue Impulse Squadron): T-4, T-3<

Dai 11 Hiko Kyoiku-dan
(Flying Training Wing) at Yaizu/Shizuhama:
    1 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-7
    2 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-7
Dai 12 Hiko Kyoiku-dan
(Flying Training Wing) at Hofu-kita:
   1 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-7, T-3
   2 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-7, T-3

Dai 13 Hiko
Kyoiku-dan (Flying Training Wing) at Ashiya:
   1 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-4
   2 Hiko-tai (Training Squadron): T-4

The Air Developing and Proving Command is the organization for the development of the ever-changing experimental aircraft and equipment, aeromedicine, human engineering, and to carry out a wide range of research.

Koku Kaihatsu Jikken Shudan HQ (Air Development and Test Command)
at Iruma

Gifu (RJNG) & Hamamatsu (RJNH) Air Base

Hiko Kaihatsu Jikken-dan (Air Development and Test Squadron):
C-X, C-2X, C-1/C-1FTB, F-2A/B, F-4EJ, F-15J/DJ, T-2, T-4, T-7, Boeing E-767

Gifu (RJNG) Air Base

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Air Development and Test Group at Gifu: C-1,
C-130H, E-2C, CH-47J, T-4

Nagoya (RJNA) Komaki Air Base

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air Development and Test Group:  F-2A/B, F-4EJ, RF-4E/EJ, F-15J/DJ, UH-60J

Utsunomiya (RJTU) Air Base

Fuji  Heavy Industries Air Development and Test Group: T-7, U-125, U-125A


The Air Material Command of JASDF is the organization to control supply depots No.1, No.2, No.3, and No.4 of JASDF, and is in charge of the procurement, safe-keeping, recruitment, and maintenance of necessary fuel, ammunition, and equipment.

In addition, there are other units and organizations such as the "Air System Communications Squadron", "Air Central Musical Band", "Air Staff College of JASDF ", "SDF District Hospitals in Misawa, Gifu, and Naha", etc.

Note: Japan has 144 airports with paved runways (over 3,047 m: 7 2,438 to 3,047 m: 44 1,524 to 2,437 m: 38 914 to 1,523 m: 28 under 914 m: 27), and 32 airports with unpaved runways (914 to 1,523 m: 4 under 914 m: 28), and 15 heliports.

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