Japan   Japanese Ground Self Defence Force (JGSDF) • Rikujō Jieitai • 陸上自衛隊
Japan (Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku (Nihon/Nippon))

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Japan Ground Self-Defense Force 138,400Personnel. 5 Army HQ (regional comds)


Forces by Role & Equipment by Type

AIRCRAFT No combat capable. Total 17 Aircrafts.

Reconnaissance 1 sqn with 7 Recce ac:
7 Beech 350 Super King Air (Raytheon 350);

Utility 7 sqn with 10 Utl ac:
9 Mitsubishi LR-1 (MU-2)
1 Mitsubishi LR-2 (Beech 350 Super King Air);

HELICOPTER 214+ Attack capable. Total 475+Helicopters.
  (1 bde Hel)

Anti-Armour Attack 8 sqn with 214+ Atk hel
10 Boeing AH-64DJP Apache;
2 Boeing AH-64DJP Apache (Ordered);
14 Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja (Scout/Attack);
20 Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja (Under delivery);
70 Bell / Fuji AH-1S Super Cobra;
3 Bell / Fuji AH-1F Cobra;
2 Fuji AH-1E Huey Cobra (Bell 209)
95 Kawasaki Hughes OH-6D Cayuse (utility);
20 Kawasaki Hughes OH-6J Cayuse (utility);

Support 4 sqn with 57 Spt hel:
1 Eurocopter EC-225LP (VIP);
3 Eurocopter AS332L Super Puma;
50 Kawasaki CH-47J (CH-47D Chinook);
3  Kawasaki CH-47JA Chinook;

Utility 8 sqn with 190 Utl hel:
28 Mitsubishi UH-60JA (UH-60L Black Hawk) 
97 Fuji UH-1J (UH-1 Iroquois);
65 Fuji UH-1H ( (UH-1H Huey);
10 Fuji UH-1J (Ordered);

Rotary Flying Training 1 sqn with 14 Trg hel:
13 Kawasaki OH-1 Ninja;
1 EN480
29 TH-480 (Ordered)

Unmanned observation helicopter
• UOH • Reconnaissance 1 sqn with + Recce UOH:
  Yamaha RMAX
  Fuji FFOS


Ground Self-Defense Force Air Defence Systems
2 Air Defense Brigades; 4 AD groups
AD • SAM 740
SP 170:
60 Type-81 Tan-SAM;
110 Type-93 Kin-SAM
TOWED 190:
180 MTM-23B I-HAWK;
10 Type-03 Chu-Sam
50 FIM-92A Stinger;
330 Type-91 Kin-SAM
SP 35mm 50 Type-87 SP
TOWED 35mm 10 (twin)

Ground Self-Defense Force Coastal Defence Systems
100 Type-88

  Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Aviation Main Headquarters: HQ Located at Tokyo

Army Aviation Airfields and Airbases Organisation: 5 Army HQ (regional comds)

Hokubu Homen-tai at Sapporo       
Dai 2 Shidan at Asahikawa       
Dai 2 Hiko-tai: OH-6, UH-1 
Dai 5 Shidan at Obihiro      
Dai 5 Hiko-tai: OH-6, UH-1
Dai 7 Shidan at Chitose   
Dai 7 Hiko-tai (Okadama): OH-6, UH-1       
Dai 11 Shidan at Makomanai       
Dai 11 Hiko-tai (Okadama): OH-6, UH-1      
Hokubu Homen Koku-tai at Okadama    
Hokubu Homen Koku-tai Honbu Zuki-tai: MU-2
Hokubu Homen Herikoputa-tai:OH-6, UH-1
Dai 1 Tai-Sensha Herikoputa-tai at Obihiro
Dai 1 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6
Dai 2 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6
Tohoku Homen-tai at Sendai
Dai 6 Shidan at Jinmachi  
Dai 6 Hiko-tai: OH-6 
Dai 9 Shidan at Aomori
Dai 9 Hiko-tai (Hachinohe): OH-6     
Tohoku Homen Koku-tai at Kasuminome       
Tohoku Homen Koku-tai Honbu Zuki-tai: MU-2       
Tohoku Homen Herikoputa-tai: OH-6, UH-1       
Dai 2 Tai-Sensha Herikoputa-tai at Hachinohe       
Dai 1 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6       
Dai 2 Hiko-tai : AH-1, OH-6
Tobu Homen-tai at Asaka       
Dai 1 Shidan at Nerima       
Dai 1 Hiko-tai (Tachikawa): OH-6      
Dai 12 Koku Kido Ryodan at Somagahara       
Dai 12 Hiko-tai (Kita-Utsunomiya): CH-47, UH-60, OH-6
Tobu Homen Koku-tai at Tachikawa       
Tobu Homen Koku-tai Honbu Zuki-tai: MU-2       
Tobu Homen Herikoputa-tai: OH-6, UH-1       
Dai 4 Tai-Sensha Herikoputa-tai at Kisazaru       
Dai 1 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6       
Dai 2 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6
Chubu Homen-tai at Itami       
Dai 3 Shidan at Senzou   
Dai 3 Hiko-tai (Yao): OH-6       
Dai 10 Shidan at Moriyama
Dai 10 Hiko-tai (Akeno): OH-6           
Dai 13 Shidan  Kaidaichi       
Dai 13 Hiko-tai Hofu): OH-6
Chubu Homen Koku-tai at Yao       
Chubu Homen Koku-tai Honbu Zuki-tai: MU-2
Chubu Homen Herikoputa-tai: OH-6, UH-1
Dai 5 Tai-Sensha Herikoputa-tai at Akeno       
Dai 1 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6       
Dai 2 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6    
Seibu Homen-tai (Westliche Armee) at Kengun       
Dai 4 Shidan at Fukuoka       
Dai 4 Hiko-tai at Metabaru: OH-6           
Dai 8 Shidan at Kita-Kumamoto       
Dai 8 Hiko-tai (Yakayubara): OH-6
Seibu Homen Koku-tai at Takayubara       
Seibu Homen Koku-tai Honbu Zuki-tai: MU-2       
Seibu Homen Herikoputa-tai: OH-6, UH-1, CH-47      
Dai 3 Tai-Sensha Herikoputa-tai at Metabaru       
Dai 1 Hiko-tai: AH-1, OH-6       
Dai 2 Hiko-tai:AH-1, OH-6
Dai 1 Konsei-dan at Naha       
Dai 101 Hiko-tai: UH-1, MU-2, CH-47
Dai 1 Herikoputa-dan at Kisazaru       
Dan-honbu oyobi Hinbu Kanri Chu-tai: MU-2       
Dai 1 Herikoputa-tai: CH-47, OH-6       
Dai 2 Herikoputa-tai: CH-47, OH-6       
Tokubetu Yuso Hiko-tai: AS-332    

Koku Gakko at Akeno       
Honko: OH-6, UH-1, AH-1       
Kasumigaura Bunko (Kasumigaura): OH-6, UH-1, AH-1, CH-47      
Utsunomiya Bunko (Kita-Utunomiya): OH-6, UH-1, MU-2  
Kyoiku Sien Hiko-tai: UH-1, OH-6, AH-1, OH-1, CH-47, UH-60       
Hiko Kaihatu Jikken-tai: OH-1, UH-1      

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Organization:

Operationally, the GSDF is organized into five regional armies directly subordinate to the Ground Staff Office. Each army is responsible for the geographical area by which it is designated. The Northern Army is located on Hokkaido, the Northeastern Army in Northern Honshu, the Eastern Army in the central Hohshu region, the Central Army in Western Honshu and Shikoku, and the Western Army in Kyushu and the Ryukyu Islands. The armies have both administrative and tactical functions. They are organized similarly to a U.S. Army Corps with a headquarters and assigned and attached units.

The divisions are grouped into three types: A, B, and C; the later is armored. A divisions consist of four infantry regiments, one artillery regiment, one tank regiment, one anti-tank unit, one reconnaissance unit, one engineer battalion, one signal battalion, an ordnance unit, a medical unit and an aviation unit and service troops. The Type B Divisions differ only in having three infantry regiments instead of four. The Type C division, 7th is very similar to the Type A but has self-propelled artillery and a larger allotment of APCs, providing transport for the engineers and signalers as well as the infantry.

The units are small; the infantry ‘regiment’ is really a battalion of four rifle companies and a heavy mortar company. Tank regiments consist of four tank squadrons each of which has two HQ tanks and three platoons of four tanks each. Thus the total strength of the Type A and C divisions is only 9,000 and of the Type B and is 7000: in NATO terms the division are really brigades.

The JGDSF consists of: 5 Army HQ (Regional Commands): Composite 1 bde; Armd Inf 8 div, 5 bde; Armd 1 div; Spec Ops 1 unit; AB 1 bdeArty 1 bde; 2 unit; Engr 4 bde; 1 unit; Hel 1 bde; Trg 2 bde; 2 regt; AD 2 bde; 4 gp;

Current order of battle and inventory equipment:

MBT 880: RECCE 100: AIFV 70: APC 780: APC (T) 310: APC (W) 470:
ARTY 1,880 (SP 210; TOWED 420; MLRS 100;MOR 1,150 (SP 20; TOWED 1,130)):
AT (MSL • MANPATS 630 RCL: 2,740: RL 230)

Official website:

Japan AF

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